Have you seen Think with Google?

If you haven’t – quick, go! Check out Think with Google.  It’s like a great big candy store for market research kids!


On their Google+ page, Google describe Think with Google as….

In this world gone digital, the marketing industry is moving faster than ever before. At Think with Google, we bring together like-minded marketers to keep up with what’s new and what’s next in digital media and marketing. Add our Google+ page to your circles for the latest industry highlights, digital best practices, market research, and thoughts and forecasts about the future.

At Google, we have a saying that ideas can – and should – come from anywhere, and our ears are wide open. Add your comments, join the conversation, and stay tuned for Hangouts with fellow marketers and industry leaders that we hope you’ll join.


On the website they house past research reports, thinking pieces and other really useful tit-bits.  I’m sure everyone can find at least one study there that is useful to them – so go, check it out!!

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