Dusting off the keyboard today and convincing my computer that today is indeed the first day back at work for 2013!

Q3 & Q4 of 2012 seemed to rush past me at light speed.  It is fantastic to be busy and I’ve been honored to work with some great clients – both old and new BUT it has meant that I have pretty much not opened twitter for 6 months, or posted a blog post for that matter.

So New Year’s Day (New Work Year’s Day?) is always a time for reflection and resolutions (it’s that sunny period before the real work sets in again) – so I thought I’d write a quick post to say hi (Hi!), and tell you about my plans for 2013…

1. Ensuring WIPQR continues to go strong.  I really am loving my business and the work I get to do – so looking forward to doing more of this in 2013 🙂

2. Conference Committee member for AMSRS 2013. … Just because I love volunteering for things, I’ve gone and signed myself up to be on the AMSRS conference committee for the 2013 conference.  We’ve got a great team and some great ideas already, and I’m looking forward to being on the inside and bringing an especially great conference together this year (if you have any ideas or suggestions, email me or visit the AMSRS LinkedIn group discussion – we’d love to hear from you!)

3. …More AMSRS, as NSW Division Chairperson.  Moving into 2013, the NSW state committee is looking for ways to enhance member experience for NSW members.  We’re working on streamlining events – giving more options, less overlap and ultimately a better member experience, as well as supporting the AMSRS strategic plan.  I’m always happy to hear from members with suggestions, ideas, requests to make AMSRS more relevant and useful for you – so please comment, email, tweet me or send me snail mail…. I’d love to hear from you.

4. And much, much more… I’ve got lots of little side projects on the back burner, which I’m hoping to bring to the front burner (is that a thing?) this year.  I don’t want to say too much, so watch this space.

Our WIPQR beach
Enjoying Sydney summer at the local beach 🙂


We’ve had a (generally) glorious summer here.  We’ve been enjoying our new office location near the beach (this definitely works well with working from home, let me tell you), and we’re ready and refreshed for all that 2013 will bring.  I hope you had a great holiday break – wherever you may be.  I’d love to hear about it or your plans for 2013.

Keep smiling…


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