The NSW Government has axed the successful September Small Business Month that annually attracted over 20,000 business owners to workshops where they learn how to grow their business and connect with each other.

Sydney Business month has been set up, including 40 workshops with leading speakers in September to maintain this important initiative. They’re all at KazCafe on Sussex Street near Town Hall station and the venue fits 70 people.
The month has been broken up into 4 themes:
• Social Media
• Doubling your sales
• Branding & marketing
• Smarter business

Each day there are 2 workshops:

Morning Workshop
• 9am – 9:30am Registration
• 9:30 – 11am Presentation and Q&A
• 11am to 11:30am Business Networking

Afternoon Workshop
• 1pm – 1:30pm Registration
• 1:30pm – 3pm Presentation and Q&A
• 3pm to 3:30pm Business Networking

See the lineup here or check it out on Facebook.

There’s lots of interesting content there for people who are looking to grow their businesses – so I thought I would share.

Have a great week!


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