If there’s one word I’m hearing with increasing regularity around the traps, it’s Storytelling.

And, ‘well, good’ or ‘it’s about time’ are the two phrase that come to my mind every time I hear people talking about it.

If there’s one thing I would like to focus on in 2015, it’s telling clearer, more concise and more cogent stories.

I think this is one area where the whole mrx industry could do to raise the bar.

We do fantastic work finding out all there is to know about our particular research topic.  But then, many of us get fascinated by the minutia, those little interesting details that you never would have seen coming.

I think part of the trouble is we want to share all these fascinating stories in our presentations or reports.  Rather than building presentations (or stories!) around one clear idea or destination, we include all the details around the journey, that can often send people down a different track entirely.

I think also that we’re concerned about ‘editing’.  Being seen to only present facts that support our story.  Or we simply aren’t sure what details the clients will be interested in, so we include everything?  Maybe it’s one of the above, maybe it’s all of the above, or maybe it’s different things for different people

Is this why much of our research gets left on the shelf?  I don’t know.

So this year, I’ve decided to become a better story-teller.  I’m planning on reading widely, talking to great story tellers, looking at different fields and seeing what we can learn there.  I’ll share what I learn on my journey here (perhaps you can share some ideas with me as well!).

Thanks for listening to my story 🙂


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