Last Tuesday night I had the pleasure of presenting with Kate Tribe at Sydney’s Social Media Women event.  Social Media Women is a networking group based in Sydney.  They hold fantastic monthly events, with speakers from various industries sharing knowledge on how to work within social media / bring social media into your lives or business.

A bit about Social Media Women…

Social Media Women is a formal networking group that encourages and assists women to participate more prominently in social media.

Having recognised the important role women play in social media, the group aims to give women a voice in all areas of social media.  It’s a place to connect and share to support each other and build a community.

Social media comes naturally to women. We are networkers, nurturers, gatherers, builders of villages and communicators.

Women want inspiration and collaboration, support and confidence. We don’t want self proclaimed social media guru’s pushing them to the sidelines.


My co-collaborator / partner in crime, was Kate Tribe from Tribe Research.  Kate, a quantitative whiz, invited me to co-present and bring my qualitative perspective to the issue (Thanks Kate!).  Our presentation discussed why Market Researchers have been somewhat slow to ‘jump in’ to social media research, the reasons why we are generally hesitant to embrace social media wholeheartedly, but where we see that social media and traditional market research can work together and learn from each other.  We talked about how Social Media can bring the scope and reach, the engagement and the flexibility that is sometimes lacking in traditional research, but also stressed how incorporating some traditional market research thinking can make sure you don’t get out making BIG decisions based on unrepresentative/ skewed or incorrect data.

I’ve been really excited to receive some great positive feedback on the event today (check out the #smwomen stream on twitter).  I’m glad to hear that people found the presentation informative, and gave a little food for thought!

If you’re interested in understanding more about Social Media in general – I’d really encourage you to get involved with Social Media Women.  The events are informative, the community is engaged and supportive and there is a really fun vibe to every event.  They meet on the second Tuesday of every month.

You can find out more about them here.  Join them on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or check out their Events page on Eventbrite.

So market researchers… do you agree with me that we have been generally slow to dive into Social Media as a research tool?  What do you think has held us back? Where have you seen it work really well? I’d love to see some examples of best practice in this emerging field.

Hope your week treats you well!  Keep smiling!

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