I’ve just unplugged from the first session of the Festival of NewMR for 2011.  The team invited me along to present on Online Qual – specifically the things I wish I’d known before I started.  I was thinking of summarising it for the blog today – but I’ve found Jeffery Henning over at Affinova has already done an excellent job of this over on his blog – so please check it out.

What I love about this festival is that it is conducted virtually – in my session we had speakers from the US, Canada, NZ and me in Aus – as well as organisers logging in from the UK (at stupid o’clock too, so well done to them!).  The virtual format also allowed for instant feedback from the interwebs, in the form of twitter chatter and questions within the webinar platform.  Whilst real world conferences are starting to adopt these technologies too (some more successfully than others) – it’s this online format where these tools really come to the fore.

But I have to say the absolute highlight for me, was getting my 7 tips summarised and translated into Spannish by Social_ly – (& according to Google Translate, much more eloquently than I originally stated them) so here they are for you.

Tip 1, empieza de a pocos, lo importante es que los participantes esten listos para tareas más elaboradas

Tip 2, no perder la calma, hace falta esperar lo mejor de los participantes y tener un plan de contigencia

Tip 3, no perder de vista con quién estamos hablando, usar un lenguaje adecuado y amistoso

Tip 4, hay que ser realista con lo que esperamos, respetar el tiempo del participante

Tip 5, mantener el tono adecuado para ir directo a lo que se busca

Tip 6, tener incentivos estructurados para hacer frente a la disposición parcial de los participantes

Tip 7, revisa tu objetivo y segmento objetivo, es el tema atractivo? son buenos participantes online?



Tip 1, start slow, it is important that participants are ready for more sophisticated tasks

Tip 2, stay calm, we need to expect the best from participants and have a contingency plan

Tip 3, do not lose sight of who we are speaking, use appropriate language and friendly

Tip 4, you have to be realistic with what we hope, respect the time the participant

Tip 5, keeping the right tone to go straight to what is sought

Tip 6, have incentives structured to address the attrition of the participants

Tip 7, check your objective and target segment, is the subject attractive? are they good players online?