I’ve been on the AMSRS NSW committee for just about a year now.  I’m really enjoying my involvement in the committee; it gives me the opportunity to ‘give back’ to the industry, as well as meet new people, hear about all the cool new things that are around the corner and be involved in shaping the industry in years to come.

But it was about time I paid my dues.  Late last year I volunteered to organise a session on Children’s Research.  Those who know me well, know the irony in this – this is one of the areas of research I’ve never really had the opportunity to get involved in – but here I was in charge of finding speakers and getting things underway.

Flash forward far too many months, and we finally have it organised.  The NSW AMSRS Research with Children event will be held on May 26th, at the Grace Hotel in Sydney.  I’m really pleased with the speaker line up and I think that this should be a good session, both for newbies to the area of Kids Research and more seasoned researchers.  I’d love to see those Sydney based researchers there.  For those who can’t make it – I will blog the highlights for you!

You can download the registration form here.

You can RSVP or just check out the Event details on LinkedIn here (you’ll still need to register with the above form too!)

And here are the full details….


Conducting research with children raises challenges, whether you are involved in designing and conducting research, recruiting, hosting or managing research processes, or as a buyer of research.

This seminar examines the challenges of conducting research with children and the importance of choosing the right methodology in order to get accurate and reliable insights.

Angela will discuss when, why and how to progress research with children and young people. It highlights the key issues and considerations for quality, pragmatic and ethical research, considering research on children, with children and by children. Rather than thinking of research with children as being troublesome, restrictive, limited or just too hard, this presentation challenges us to be creative and innovative and, while treading carefully, to explore what might be possible.

Marie will share her experiences of conducting online qualitative research with children and show how this has been an effective methodology (for specific situations and project needs) due to its ability to encourage and allow children to be more relaxed, open and honest in their feedback.

Learning outcomes:

  • On completion, participants should have a good understanding of:
  • Methodological issues when conducting research with children
  • recruiting, hosting or managing children’s research processes
  • how to gain accurate and reliable insights for research with children
  • how to derive benefits from conducting on-line qual with children.


Designed for:

Those who are interested in expanding their knowledge of contemporary research design issues and those wanting to develop their competency with researching children.


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