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I started research in 2001.  As part of their 60th year, the AMSRS’ Research News has asked various researchers to summarise their experiences through the decades – below is the article I wrote summarising my first 10 years.  The Naughties….! 


When Victoria Gamble started her research career in Brisbane in 2001, she was joining […]

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#AMSRS2012 Conference wrap up

On September 10, 2012 By

Wow.  Well that was a whirlwind!  AMSRS 2012 – it came, it saw, it conquered.   Here were my top 5 highlights:

1: The Keynotes!

Simon Chadwick, Tom De Ruyck, David Bakken and Virtual Lenny Murphy shared their thoughts on the future of the industry.  There is a desire for researchers to become more agile, less […]

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Writers block!  Analysis paralysis! Do you get it? Do you hate it?  How do you overcome it?

I’ve been struggling with analysis paralysis a bit over the past few months.  Busy home life has led to a crowded mind – and when my mind is noisy I find it hard to get to that quiet […]

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In this business we spend A LOT of time in group rooms.  Some are great and some are not so great… and there are a number of others sitting in between that.  These are the top things I look for in a  group room – but I’d be interested in what other people are after: […]

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In Australia, we’re heading to the end of financial year (June 30).  For us Aussie Market Researchers, this period is often one of the most hectic of the year – clients suddenly realise they have budget to spend that they may lose if it isn’t spent, deadlines speed up and with it, all those pesky […]

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You’re in your first few years as a researcher and you think – those quallies look like they have it pretty good.  They travel more than your average quant researcher, they seem to have fun toys to play with (play doh, collages, projective techniques), and sometimes they’re even able to come into work late!

Well, […]

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Doom. Gloom. Death. Destruction. “The world as we know it is no longer.”   “We’ll be out of jobs in ten years…  Maybe less.”




Over it.

… And this frustrates me no end.  The market research world is changing / has changed, but let’s look a little wider.  It is not just […]

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As part of my involvement with the Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS), I’ve been asked to present at a university careers day.  Now, for me, Market research wasn’t even a blip on my radar when I was university – but I’m looking forward to telling these students all the great things about market […]

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A couple of weeks ago I travelled to Melbourne over night for  focus groups.  I would normally bring my laptop with me on these types of trips – I am my only staff member, and work needs to be done when I’m not in the office.  What made this trip special was I decided to […]

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On August 1, 2011 By

A couple of weeks ago I attended a Winter School training course on Semiotics, run by the most excellent Susan Bell (you can find her here).

She started the session with a video clip that I love, and had used before to ‘define semiotics’

BBT: Sheldon Explains Semiotics



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