Have you ever found yourself reading a book where the author has summed things up so succinctly, so accurately and with so much pizzazz, that you find yourself nodding and agreeing out loud?

… people have been looking at me very funny on public transport this week due to my constant agreement with John Steel’s, Truth, Lies and Advertising.  An oldie (1998), but definitely a goodie.


Only a short way into it so far, but based on what I’ve read, I’d really recommend a read for all researchers who are looking to be ‘more strategic’ or have an interest in advertising research.

Anyway, here is the little analogy I thought I’d share from the book, that I thought you might enjoy.

“Some agencies and individuals are arrogant enough to assume that they don’t need to have a relationship with consumers or know anything about them before they talk to them. (I can only assume that these are the kind of people who, on vacation in France, would converse with French people by speaking English, very slowly and very loudly.)”

Next time someone tells you they don’t need research – share that thought with them.

Have a great Easter weekend everyone.  Be safe, merry and happy!