It’s funny, once you start looking for content – it becomes increasingly elusive and hard to pin down! But still, I think last week held a few gems which I will note down here.

TNS has published the findings to their “Discover Digital Life” Study in a great interactive webpage. Definitely worth having a look and playing around with the different cuts of data for many different countries.

Frankie Johnson over at Research Arts has put together a great article on “Why do Qualitative Research?”. My particular favourite part of this post was this… “let’s not forget the “research” part. Listening to people talk in social media settings, or behind you on the bus, can be highly informative, but it’s hardly research. Taking what you have heard, attributing it to what you know about the source and looking for patterns and connections – now that’s research. You have to actually do something with the ingredients to be called a cook.”

Annie Pettit over at Lovestats also shared a great post on “When Brands had Power”. Observations on how the balance of power has shifted from the brands to the consumers.

Offline and on TV, I also enjoyed my first episode of the season of Hungry Beast (I’m a week late!). This is an Australian program which…“[combines] journalism, comedy and the reportage of weird”. This week Marc Fennell did a good summary piece on Copyright – which I quite enjoyed, and thought I would share.

For infographic fans (or foes) it is worth having a look at the Hungry Beast YouTube Channel and checking out there fantastic use of infographics to tell stories. Always beautifully done.

For Example, their story on Google

What have I missed? Are there are any articles from last week that I should include here?

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