…Better late than never, right?  …

Exciting things going on in the WIPQR world in the past two weeks.  Firstly, as you can see, we’ve moved over to this new, gorgeous blog site.  Whilst I was enjoying playing around with wordpress and trying to make the site as good as I could, I decided to bring an expert on board.  Amy designed my website www.wipqr.com.au and set up this beautiful new layout which manages to incorporate the visual elements of the main site, whilst allowing me to run amok with posting and formatting etc.  I’m very excited about the new format!

Along with the blog site being on the move – WorkINProgress will also be on the move in the second half of May.  I’m very much looking forward to setting up my new office (more stationary purchases WILL be essential).  But don’t worry – all contact details will stay the same.

In other exciting news, I am also convening a course for the AMSRS (Australian Market and Social Research Society) on Children’s Research.  Research with Children is not an area that I’ve had great involvement with in the past – so I’ve brought on board two experts that will talk us all through the ins and outs of research with children, as well as a really interesting case study on research with children using online qualitative techniques.  I hope that I will see some of you there! (and I’ll post more details of the event for those who can’t make it).  You can read more about this here.


But down to my reading list for the past two weeks (Easter, ANZAC day and a horrible cold threw my blogging groove out a little last week).  So I have quite the collection to share.


Social Media Research

This is an area that I’m really very interested in and looking everywhere for more information.  I saw this post from Jeffrey Henning entitled Polluting the River of Information: Contaminated Social Media Research.  In the post, Jeffrey goes into the potential areas of misdirection (and skulduggery?) that could taint the information gleaned from social media.  Researcher beware.

Building on the same themes, I came across this interesting post from Janet Aronica at the oneforty blog.  The post, entitled 4 Things Everyone Should Know About Sentiment Analysis, talks about some of the things to watch-out for when conducting sentiment analysis.  A good read for those looking to explore this field.


Just plain Social Media

Came across two interesting posts on twitter and twitter trends.  Firstly another great ‘How To’ post on Twitter from eHow.  Covers a lot of the basics of twitter, but always good to hear it from another source.  I’ve also added a couple of other twitter links to my More On Twitter! post of the other week – which I found quite useful.  Also found this interesting article on The Independent about how people are increasingly taking Twitter (or other Social Media) lessons.  I think that’s a great idea, because they are just such powerful tools which are easy to misuse.



And now for something completely different, Marketing and the consumer decision making process.  I’ve done countless studies where our clients are looking for the ‘magic’ linear process that consumers takes when making a decision.  The model highlighted in David Court’s article in the McKinsey & Company blog is the one that I think most closely reflects what I’ve found in my research on the decision making process.  Rather than being the traditional linear Purchase Funnel, this process is cyclical.  There are different, identifiable stages that the consumer moves through – just not necessarily in order.  I love this – so thought I would share it with you all



Market Research

Have stumbled across Brain Juicer Radio and their interview with Ray Poynter.  Touted as the Future of Market Research, the interview covers Ray’s predictions for the future of Market Research.  His trends to look out for were:

  • Mainstream of social media research (e.g. MROCs), shifting from a technique used by the minority to one that is increasingly used by the bigger firms.
  • The industry will ‘grow up’ about convenience sampling – embracing the alternatives, such as prediction markets.
  • Controversially? Shift from the “Masculine – it must be measured” mindset  of research to the “Feminine, if it can be measured, perhaps it is not very important” mindset – and interesting theory (as a quallie, I’m biased on this – but I’d like to hear what others have to think about this)
  • Growth from China, in ideas, new approaches and new styles coming out of China

You can listen to the full interview here.


Around the World

Last but not least, my old alma mata TNS (not a university, I know – but I learnt a heck of a lot there!).  This is a great presentation entitled “Gems: INSIGHTS FROM EMERGING MARKETS” – detailing interesting case studies, stats etc from all sorts of.  Highlights include:

  • Reaching Africa’s Consumers
  • Indonesia: Talking with their Thumbs
  • Emerging LatAm Consumers on the Internet
  • Issues Driving Consumer Behaviour in Rapid Growth Emerging Markets
  • Understanding the Mind of the Emerging Market Consumer
  • Through the Culture Lens
  • Letter from China

What have I missed? (I’m sure there’s been a bit!) – would love to see what you thought were some of the great articles from the past two weeks (or longer…).  Please feel free to post them below!  Have a great week!