Another busy week here at WIPQR central – great to meet some new clients and hear from old friends again – we are really getting into the busy part of the year! (Yay!)

Again, there have been some great links shared in twitter this week – from some funky infographics (I’m a fan, I just wish I had the talent), to gender stereotyping in advertising, to some interesting discussions on research practice and techniques, the future of the industry or just the future of the world.  Here are my top finds of the week…

Love this infographic of the different types of twitter users (click to see original article)

In my continual quest to get more of my #MRX friends on twitter, I found this lovely segmentation of twitter users on Daily Infographic.  ‘Nuff said really.  Had a bit of fun thinking about my various followers and followees and where they fit in this!

Down to more serious stuff.  One of my most memorable papers back in university psychology (in my dim, dark memory) was on gender stereotyping in children.  This article on was really interesting.  Looks as though we still have a long way to go to remove the stereotypes from our coms in children (and as devil’s advocate, would this, then make them less effective?  chicken or egg?  Must go back and re-read that paper I wrote!)

The author has done a simple experiement, putting the words from ads aimed at boys and girls into wordle… read the full article for the details, but here are the results.  I’ll let you guess which one is which…


Online qualitative research is another passion of mine.  There has been a great article shared from Research Magazinethis week by Joanna Chrzanowska.  In the article, Joanna talks about cognitive versus conative approaches to qualitative research.  She argues that online qual is well suited to ‘qual-lite’ – research structured around pre-defined topics which are explored in a relatively structured way, and the outputs are largely taken at face value. The client observers feel they know the answer once the groups are over.  She argues that conative qual research, which requires a connection with the participant, is harder to transition online.  Well worth a read for those interested in the topic.

I’m jumping the gun a bit here – but I’ve also just stumbled across Frankie Johnson’s new blog post over on Research Arts.  The post “Lenny Murphy shares his Thoughts on the Bumpy Future of Market Research“, details predictions of the the changes we are likely to face in the market research industry.  There are some really summaries here of the challenges anticipated – as we move to a model that is more “methodologically agnostic” (I love this term).  For anyone in the business, this is well worth a read and a think about – is your business set up to meet these challenges and potential evolution in the industry?

And last but not least, for some trends.  Stumbled across this excellent presentation on the mobile Internet from Stephanie Rieger from yiibu.  Full presentation below – but some of my favourite key takeouts were:

  • 62% use mobile Internet whilst watching TV
  • 69% use mobile Internet for point of sale research whilst shopping
  • 30% participant agreed that the mobile Internet was more convenient than their home connection
  • The profile of mobile Internet usage changing from ‘on-the-go’ to an increasing range of occasions and situations
  • Stresses the importance of creating nimble web experiences, not perfect ones (i.e. needs to be device agnostic – even if it doesn’t look perfect)
If you do anything research in the mobile world (or, you know, live in the world today) – this is really worth a look!!


Please let me know if you stumbled across anything this week that I’ve missed – post it here, tweet it to me, send out smoke signals (well, you get the picture)
Have a great week!!

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