Over the past month or so, Jo Farquhar over at TNS Sydney and I have been putting the final touches on our paper and presentation on Online Qualitative Research for the AMSRS Curiouser & Curiouser Conference in September.  In the paper we’ve looked to provide some practical information around the ‘How to’s’ of Online Qual and what we’ve found works well for us.

Why did we write the paper?

Over the past few years, the conference has had many papers on online qualitative; the different methodologies, the different platforms, showcasing the outcomes, comparing with face-to-face.  Yet, after watching the papers presented last year, and listening to the questions, it struck us that many researchers and clients are still wary of this methodology.  Further still, many are experimenting with it, but falling into some of the beginner traps – and these can turn them off the methodology for good.

We hope that our paper and presentation will help to dispel some of the myths and misconceptions which prevent researchers from trialling or perhaps re-trialling an online qualitative methodology.  Using examples from recent studies, we think the presentation provides practical advice for those interested in using this method.  We discuss what we’ve learnt, what we think works well and not so well, as well as challenging the popular myths to show how this method can be used to engage with participants and enhance results.

Why should I go? (Surely you’re going to tell me all about it on the blog anyway, Victoria?)

I never really used to enjoy going to Conference.  I’ll admit it.  It was normally in the midst of a hugely busy week and I would have a company rover pass thrust upon me and told to ‘go forth, and conference’.  I don’t think I appreciated the opportunity that I was being given.

Going last year, and going under my own steam was such a different experience.  I found it incredibly enriching – both from a learning perspective (lots of good content on the line up) but also from a relationship building perspective.  I had a chance to chat to and meet so many new and familiar faces and I actually had the time to talk to them and see what was new in their worlds.  So I would recommend it.  You can find out more about the conference here. (note: I am on the AMSRS NSW committee, so I am pro-AMSRS).

2 thoughts on “Curiouser & Curiouser: More on our paper for #AMSRS 2011 Conference

  1. Hi Victoria, admittedly I’m a little biased as I work for an online qual supplier, but I genuinely am happy that the methodology is being discussed in detail. Alot of our clients come to the table uncertain of its reliability and application and even more fundamentally in the do’s and don’ts of moderating. Looking forward to reading your paper.

  2. Thanks Eddie – I really hope that it does encourage more people to try online out. We’re coming at it from our own perspective and the format that we’ve found really works for us – but I hope that it encourages others to share what works for them and start a discussion within the Australian research community. Then we can get even more researchers online!

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