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Victoria Gamble (that’s me!)

Qualitative researcher, market research blogger, twitter addict, coffee snob, techy geek and general stickybeak.

People are fascinating creatures.  It was this fascination with people and why it is they do, what they do that  first attracted me to market research.  What better profession to satisfy my curiosity!

I’ve  been ‘listening in’ on consumers wants and needs for close to 15 years now, working first in Brisbane and for the past ten years in Sydney.  In my career I have worked in both boutique agencies and the multi-national agency TNS, prior to setting up my own freelance research service in 2010.  In July 2013, I headed back into full-time researcher life and I’m loving it!
I am an experienced qualitative researcher.  I have worked across a wide range of study types, methods and research problems.  I love all things qualitative, and enjoy all parts of the qualitative research process.  I also have a solid grounding in quantitative methods (shh, don’t spread that around) – and I enjoy seeing how the two branches of research can combine and work together to create a well-rounded picture.
I’ve moderated groups, conducted in-depth interviews, in-home visits, accompanied shops, designed self-guided ethnography projects, interviewed C-level execs – you name it, I’ve probably been involved some how.  I also have a passion for online qualitative research – having worked to evolve this technique in the Australian market for over 15 years. This is a particular area of interest of mine – I love to watch it develop, adapt and evolve as the technology becomes more advanced and more enmeshed in our everyday lives.
On the serious side of things, I hold a Bachelor of Psychology from the University of Queensland.  I am a Full (and Active!) member of the Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS).


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Email: victoria@wipqr.com.au