I’m sitting here reflecting on the great time I had last week at the AMSRS Conference.  As a disclaimer, I should mention that I was on the committee that helped to organise the conference, so I might be a bit biased BUT, I really did have a great time and I really do think we put on a great show.

I’ve been trying to sort through in my head what I would call the ‘highlights’ of the conference – but I am having trouble coming up with a shortlist.  So I will start with the first highlight, and then follow this up with some subsequent posts.


Pre-Conference Workshop on Sharpening Your Skill Set.  I’ve already written a post sharing the great list of links and tools that the speakers shared in this workshop.  If you are looking at ways to improve the way you approach social media and your content strategy, I suggest you check out that post and the links it contains.

For me, this workshop really inspired me to refocus and regroup with regards to my online profile.   When I was freelancing, I had a lot more free time and free brain space to dedicate to this area.  But, in the last three years (or so), I have really struggled to stay motivated and to find the time to build the ‘digital me’.

So how did the workshop help me?

Sue York started the session with some really great basic tips on Twitter and LinkedIn.  I particularly liked how she challenged us to create our digital presence strategically – asking questions like “Why are you doing things?”, “What’s your message?”,  and “What’s your social media policy?”.

Jeffrey Henning came on next to talk about Content Marketing Tips and Tricks.  As the number of 3-4 post blogs out there, or blogs where the last post was from last year can attest – THINKING OF CONTENT IS REALLY HARD.  I find that I am inspired in short bursts, can get three or four good (IMHO) blogs out, and then I’ve got nothing…. and tumbleweeds.  Jeffrey firstly made the case for why building your online brand is important – particularly in a world where people hate sales and sales calls (both making and receiving them).  He then shared with us some tips for coming up with ideas (which I will elaborate on in another post).  What I found particularly reassuring though was the fact that when Jeffrey started blogging, it used to take him 4 hours a day.  With practice, it becomes quicker….  I’m looking forward to that time.

Last, but not least, Annie Pettit shared with us her list of tools to make us all more efficient. This online stuff can take time, and Annie shared with us tools that can help us:

  • Find content more efficiently
  • Share content more efficiently
  • Manage presence more efficiently (they’re all listed in this post, as is a link to her full presentation)

I’m spending some time this weekend setting up accounts and figuring out the best way to use them for my needs.

So, in summary – Sue challenged me to re-think why and how I will use social media and my digital presence.  Jeffrey inspired and reassured me, as well as sharing ideas on how to come up with ideas.  This was rounded out with Annie’s excellent list of tools and how she is using them.

My to-do list just from this workshop is so big, and I haven’t even got to the main conference yet!

As I start to plan my own strategy for blogging moving forward, I’ll make a decision on how frequently I will blog.  But over the next week or so, you will see me post more highlights from the AMSRS Conference.

In the meantime, Happy researching!


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  1. Hey Victoria – agree it’s very hard to keep up a consistent message and a consistent amount of effort in SM. Thanks for your tips (and glad the conference was a success!)
    Kel 🙂

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