I’m currently studying Strategy Planning at AdSchool.  Homework last week was for everyone to bring in an ad they liked. Not surprisingly, the class brought in some great examples of advertising from around the world, which I thought I would share.  So here are a few of my favourites your enjoyment.

Guardian Open Journalism: Three Little Pigs Advertisement

About: This advert for the Guardian’s open journalism, screened for the first time on 29 February 2012, imagines how we might cover the story of the three little pigs in print and online. Follow the story from the paper’s front page headline, through a social media discussion and finally to an unexpected conclusion

Corona From Where You’d Rather Be – A Journey by Taylor Steele

About:We took a road trip down the west coast of Mexico in a beat-up 1976 Winnebago with some of our more talented friends. Legendary surf director Taylor Steele captured the journey on film.

Rethink Breast Cancer presents: Your Man Reminder

About: “Your Man Reminder” aims to encourage women to think about their breasts so they’ll be more likely to notice small changes. A YouTube ad for the app starts with a doctors explaining how “studies have shown that women are more likely to watch a video if it features a hot guy.” Then Anthony, one of five hot guys women can choose for their reminder, explains the TLCs of breast checking: Touch; look; and check.

Tunisie Retour de Ben Ali à La Goulette

About: The Return of Ben Ali. On January 14th 2011, we chased former Dictator President Ben Ali out of Tunisia. Since then many had lost interest in politics. After many uneffective attempts to push Tunisian people to go out and vote for the upcoming elections, a new campaign was set up in La Goulette, to the shock of residents. Their reaction was filmed. Results: On October 23rd, there was 88% turnout when 55% were expected.

Snake the Planet

Snake the Planet! from MPU on Vimeo.

About: Snake the Planet! takes the classic Snake game and adopts it to the MPU urban canvas. Each level is generated based on the architecture of the building it is projected onto. Windows, doors and signs become the boundaries and obstacles in the game as animated objects collide with and bounce off them using real-time physics simulation. The multiplayer game also has a Tron-like competitive element, where one player can intentionally block the others’ path to win the game.

Melchers Travel Agency: Windows Desktop

Image from Ads of the World)

About: It’s about the most obvious yet often neglected fact, your busy desktop and the family you’re leaving behind from all those busy works. This ad from BBDO Taiwan clearly points out that isn’t it time for you to take a vacation, and spend some time with the family you’re neglecting? (from Best Ads On TV)

What’s your favourite advertisement?