I had a great time in the US, learnt so much that I’m pretty much overwhelmed and don’t know where to start when it comes to sharing it all.  So, I thought I would start with my new toy… the Livescribe pen


Where do I start?  This pen is so clever, I can’t believe no one’s thought of it before.  The pen records what you’re writing and what you’re hearing as you take notes in your group.  At the beginning of your group or interview you tap the pen on the record symbol (which is located at the bottom of each page in the special notebook) and the clever little pen will record the audio – what was said, when it was said, and from which direction.  Then comes the kicker… when you go back to do your analysis you touch the pen on the page where you took the notes and it plays the audio cued to where you were at when you wrote that note down!


An example of my excellent note taking


You can also plug the pen into your computer via a clever little usb dock – and it will upload the file (both handwritten notes and time coded audio) – so you can review via your computer.  You can share the notes too… and lots more… I’ve been having a few issues embedding Youtube and Vimeo videos in wordpress today – but found this guy Andrew getting pretty excited and showing off how you use the pen – so check it out

Andrew’s Demo of a Livescribe pen

I’ve used it so far in three groups and it has been working a treat.  The only trick is to remember to charge the little sucker!



*Disclaimer*  I don’t know anyone at Livescribe, I just thought this was worth sharing!